Xylouris White - The Sisypheans


  • £21.99

Xylouris White's fourth installment of progressive Cretan lute compositions present the sounds of the lute, George Xylouris' vocals and Jim White's (Dirty Three) drums in an open, spacious sound-field. With the philosophical bent that suits their music's ancient headwaters, Jim and George are meditating on the life of a traveling musician, Sisyphyan in its repetition, but inspired in an eternal recurrence of themes and techniques that allow them to climb ever-further into their experience as players. Produced by Guy Picciotto of Fugazi.

Available on vinyl LP and CD.


  1. Tree Song
  2. Goat Hair Bow
  3. Heart’s Eyes
  4. Telephone Song
  5. Black Sea
  6. Inland
  7. Wedding Song
  8. Ascension



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