Let's Submerge: The Anthology by X-Ray Sex on Sanctuary Records

X-ray Spex - Let's Submerge: The Anthology


  • £10.99

  1. Oh! Bondage, Up Yours!
  2. I Am A Cliché
  3. The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
  4. I Am A Poseur
  5. Identity
  6. Let's Submerge
  7. Germ Free Adolescents
  8. Age 
  9. Art-I-Ficial
  10. Obsessed With You
  11. Warrior In Woolworths
  12. I Can't Do Anything
  13. Genetic Engineering
  14. I live Off You
  15. Plastic Bag
  16. Highly Inflammable
  17. Prefabricated Icon (Backing Track)
  18. I Can't Do Anything (Backing Track)
  19. Warrior In Woolworths (Backing Track)
  20. Genetic Engineering (John Peel Session)
  21. Art-I-Ficial (John Peel Session)
  22. I Am A Poseur (John Peel Session
  23. Identity (John Peel Session)
  24. Germ Free Adolescents (John Peel Session)
  25. Warrior In Woolworths (John Peel Session)
  26. Age (John Peel Session
  27. Silly Billy
  28. What A Way
  29. Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (Live At The Roxy)
  30. Identity (Live At The Roxy)
  31. Let's Submerge (Live At The Roxy)
  32. Plastic Bag (Live At The Roxy)
  33. I Live Off You (Live At The Roxy)
  34. I Am A Cliché (Live At The Roxy)
  35. I Can't Do Anything (Live At The Roxy)
  36. Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (Live At The Roxy)
  37. Obsessed With You (Early Demo)
  38. Let's Submerge (Early Demo)
  39. Plastic Bag (Early Demo)
  40. I Live Off You (Early Demo)
  41. I Am A Cliché (Early Demo)
  42. I Can't Do Anything (Early Demo)
  43. The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Early Demo)
  44. Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (Early Demo)
  45. Genetic Engineering (Studio Demo)
  46. Art-I-Ficial (Studio Demo)
  47. Germ Free Adolescents (Studio Demo)
  48. Age (Studio Demo)
  49. Warrior In Woolworths (Studio Demo)
  50. Obsessed With You (Alt Mix)
  51. The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Alt Mix)
  52. Age




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