Woolf - Posing/Imposing


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Four years after Woolf unleashed their debut album, The Right Way to Play (also on La Vida Es Un Mus), described as a “pungent spit on the face of musical normality,” they're back with a dystopian revision of feminist queer punk.

Born out of South London's squats, social centres, and DIY scene, the four-piece have produced an album conveying alienation and activist fury. The opening track “Civilisation” sets the tone with the (rhetorical) question “is this what they call civilisation?”. Wall of sound guitar distortion provides a backdrop for a commanding, minimalist bass and insistent drums, with vocals that straddle the line between anxiety and paganity. It’s 11 unsettling songs in 11 uncompromising minutes, recalling the experimentation of no wave bands such as UT distorted by a raw punk aesthetic.


  1. Civilisation
  2. Out Of Body
  3. Helsinki Salg
  4. Taunting Me On My Own Street
  5. In Plastic
  6. Untitled (Dreaming)
  7. Hand
  8. Concrete
  9. Shifting
  10. Jump
  11. Temporal Drag


Includes lyrics insert and download card

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