Will Oldham - Songs Of Love And Horror

Will Oldham – Songs Of Love And Horror


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The songs of Will Oldham have been written most often for the aliases of Palace or Bonny. Their identities kept necessarily separate from Will's, the songs were written to create a singular encounter, to be shared among those who choose to listen. Songs of Love and Horror is a rare entry in this oeuvre: a Will Oldham album, with the writer taking a turn as singer.

Songwriter Oldham, guitar and voice operating in quiet tension and ultimate accord, revisits songs that made him (that he made) and others in new versions that quiver like fresh young things in the air of today.


  1. I See a Darkness
  2. Ohio River Boat Song
  3. So Far and Here We Are
  4. The Way
  5. Wai
  6. The Glory Goes
  7. Only Someone Running
  8. Big Friday
  9. Most People
  10. Strange Affair
  11. New Partner
  12. Party with Marty



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