Wetdog - Divine Times


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Wetdog are Rivka Gillieron (Reverend Pike, The Plan), Sarah Datbylgu and Billy Easter (Shopping, CoverGirl), three individuals with an expertise for chasing down melodies. While their previous two albums, 2008's Enterprise Reversal and 2010's Frauhaus, indicated their interest in a minimal palette of post-punk, their final album, 2015's Divine Times, is distinctive, hatched slowly, long distance. The band’s effortless style of song-writing has been given room to develop, with some of the more measured tracks on the album making greater strides over time than the more immediate danceable material. Tumbling drums, folk-horror backing vocals and an elastic bassline provide the makings of a disquieting dream.

Divine Times is an uncompromising and assured album of characteristic fervor, deadpan humour, and falling-to-bits willfulness, with a love of all things disjointed and accidentally happy.


  1. Message
  2. Divine Times
  3. Small Talk
  4. Chocky
  5. Ridgway Crash
  6. Jockey Slot
  7. Winchester
  8. The Means
  9. Sometimes I’m a Bitch
  10. Jym Fingers
  11. Twilite
  12. This Time
  13. Horses Head
  14. Run Away From The Sun



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