Wet Leg - Chaise Longue


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Amidst a night of hazy scenes in their native Isle of Wight, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers found themselves at the summit of a Ferris wheel. They decided to start a band. The band is called Wet Leg. 
Arming themselves with guitars, effervescent imaginations and a shared love of the The Ronettes and Jane Birkin, through to Ty Segall and Björk, they set about making some recordings of their own. 
Chaise Longue is their debut single and is a poke-fun post-punk pop-hit that manages to channel Laurie Anderson, The Fall and The Barcelona Pavilion with nonchalant wit and endlessly catchy wordplay. 



  1. Chaise Longue 
  2. Chaise Longue (Demo) 


  • Available exclusively from independent stores 
  • Includes demo version unavailable in any other format 



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Wet Leg - Wet Leg   LP | CD | CASSETTE 


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