Wau Wau Collectif - Yaral Sa Doom


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Avant-garde cosmic sounds from Senegal-via-Sweden, Wau Wau Collectif's Yaral Sa Doom is a beautiful and groundbreaking album spanning borders and musical scenes. Inspired by West African tradition, Sufi praise songs, spiritual jazz, and dub rhythms, hypnotic percussion loops across sweeping pads, and call and response chants echo over electronic beats, and children's voices singing out to recordings of crashing waves.

In 2018, Swedish leftfield musician Karl Jonas Winqvist traveled to Toubab Dialaw, Senegal, a small fishing village turned hub of Senegal's bohemian art scene. Over the next weeks, local musicians, percussionists, poets, and beat makers came together, sketching out ideas and recording free improvisation. After returned to Sweden, Winqvist traded recordings back and forth with Senegal-based collaborator and studio engineer Arouna Kane.

The resulting debut album by Wau Wau Collectif, Yaral Sa Doom, with over twenty contributing artists from Senegal and Sweden, is layered and complex, yet maintains a central vision. 'Yaral sa doom' is a Wolof phrase that means 'educate the young.' Central to the album is this theme of education, with songs that directly address social issues facing contemporary Senegal, education, and immigration. "Today you must educate children with an instrument and art, when you teach them an instrument you teach them to use their spirit," says Djiby Ly. 

"It's like diving into the sea," explains Kane. "There are all different species of fish swimming around, but together they make the ocean." A visionary experiment in transglobal collaboration, Yaral Sa Doom is an exceptional genre-defying outernational recording.


  1. Yaral Sa Doom
  2. Thiante
  3. Mouhamodou Lo and His Children
  4. Salamaleikoum
  5. Gouné Yi
  6. Yaral Sa Doom II
  7. Riddim Rek Sa Niouy Mom
  8. Mame Cheikh Sidy Anta Mba
  9. Si Tu Savais Juste
  10. Legui Legui


  • Sleeve art by Babacar Pouye
  • LP comes in reverse-board sleeve
  • CD comes in digipack case




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