Vital Idles - Vital Idles EP


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Vital Idles follow their brilliant 2018 debut album Left Hand with an even more stripped-back 7" of deceptive simplicity and lyrical dexterity.

Glasgow's Vital Idles' pleasingly restrained and nonchalant post-punk minimalism may, at first, appear straight-forward, but subtleties within the songs betray their quiet complexities and whims; the off-kilter interplay of the instruments, set against the unusual choice of words and melody and cadence are handled so effortlessly as to appear almost familiar, even unnoticeable, on first listen - and there is the thrill of Vital Idles: the more you listen, the more you hear - and it never gets old!


  1. Break A
  2. Seconds
  3. Rustle Rustle
  4. Careful Extracts



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