The Village Out West: The Lost Tapes of Alan Oakes on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (the album artwork features a black and white photograph of a singing banjo player stoof infront of a crowd sat on the ground outdoors; the album title is printed in serif font on an orange background at the top of the sleeve; text reading ' Field Recordings of the 1960s California Folk Music Scene' is printed over the top of the photograph)

Various - The Village Out West: The Lost Tapes Of Alan Oakes


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The Village Out West celebrates the underappreciated bastion of the Folk Revival that emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s, a counterpoint to the influential New York City scene that has dominated the historical narrative. 
Compiled from a vast array of recordings by autodidact recording engineer Alan Oakes, the double-CD set features legendary names like Hank Bradley, Rev. Gary Davis, Larry Hanks, Mississippi Fred McDowell, New Lost City Ramblers, and Doc Watson, as well as unsung heroes of the local California communities that turned the region into fertile ground for American music. 
This music triumphantly transcends the passage of the decades with its luminous and passionate presence, making the case for California as a crucial hotbed for some of the most impressive and diverse folk music of the 20th century. 


  1. Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb - Beaumont Rag 
  2. Larry Hanks and Roger Perkins - Oh, Had I A Golden Thread 
  3. Ron Hughey, Frank Hicks, and Pete Everwine - Westphalia Waltz 
  4. LaWanda Ultan - Raggedy Pat 
  5. The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall - 8th of January 
  6. Merritt Herring - Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 
  7. Doc Watson - The Billboard Song 
  8. Mississippi Fred McDowell - Write Me a Few of Yo Lines 
  9. Dr. Humbead’s New Tranquility String Band - Milwaukee Blues 
  10. Kathy & Carol - Swallow Song 
  11. Jerry Houck, Larry Hanks, and Tom Ninkovich - Charlie's Neat and Charlie's Sweet / Weevilly Wheat 
  12. Jim Ringer, Ron Tinkler, and the Sweets Mill Mountain Boys - Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee 
  13. Rev. Gary Davis - Gimme That Old Time Religion 
  14. Gene Bluestein - Talking Union 
  15. Kilby Snow - All My Friends Gonna Be Strangers 
  16. The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall - Texas Quickstep 
  17. Caroline Paton - Long Time a-Growing 
  18. Jerry Houck - Mardi Gras Dance 
  19. Don Rollins (aka Abel Fortune) - Lady of Carlisle 
  20. Mark Spoelstra - White Winged Dove 
  21. Sandy and Caroline Paton - Sardines and Pork and Beans 
  22. Dad Crockett and Frank Hicks - Hoop-e-Kack 
  23. Merritt Herring - Down, Down, Derry Down 
  24. Larry Hanks and Mark Spoelstra - Walking Down That Railroad Line 
  25. Ed Trickett - Duna 
  26. Hank Bradley, Rick Shubb, and Doc Watson - Orange Blossom Special  
  27. The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall - Fire on the Mountain 
  28. Sandy and Jeanie Darlington - When the Curfew Blows 
  29. Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb featuring Doc Watson - Ragtime Annie 
  30. Allan MacLeod - The Hounds are Out (The Innocent Hare) 
  31. The New Lost City Ramblers - Bachelor Blues 
  32. Roger Renwick - Jimmy Whelan 
  33. The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall - Paddy, Won't You Drink Some Cider? 
  34. Ron Hughey and Frank Hicks - Good Night Waltz 
  35. Kathy & Carol with Will Scarlett - Searchin' 
  36. Doc Watson - The Clouds Gwine Roll Away 
  37. Larry Hanks, Roger Perkins, Kathy Larisch, and Carol McComb - Northfield 
  38. Rev. Gary Davis - Baby, Let Me Lay It on You 
  39. Larry Hanks - Talking Fishing Blues 
  40. Jerry Houck - Sweet Sunny South 
  41. Mark Spoelstra - Play Run Run 
  42. Hank Bradley and Sandy Rothman featuring Doc Watson - Cherokee Shuffle 
  43. Kilby Snow - Bringing Mary Home 
  44. The Sweet’s Mill Mountain Boys with Kenny Hall - The Lost Trapper 
  45. Mississippi Fred McDowell - Don't Mistreat Nobody (Cause You Got a Few Dimes) 
  46. Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb featuring Doc Watson - Billy in the Lowground 
  47. Merritt Herring - The Curlew's Song 
  48. Will Spires - Jamie Raeburn's Farewell 
  49. Rev. Gary Davis - Hesitation Blues 
  50. Sandy and Caroline Paton - I'm a Rover and Seldom Sober 
  51. Hank Bradley and Rick Shubb - O, Them Golden Slippers 


  • US import 
  • Housed in double-digipack case with outer card slipcase 
  • Includes booklet with detailed liner notes 






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