The Velvet Underground - New York Rehearsal 1966


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What fan wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall for a 1966 Velvet Underground rehearsal? Practising songs for their debut record, this session was recorded at Andy Warhol's factory in early 1966, and broadcast live on a local NYC radio station. 

The results are technically like any band rehearsal; false starts, chatting, and songs that merge into one another. But this is the nascent stage of one of the most influential bands of the era, and a band whose finished material can seem impossibly cool and groundbreaking. Here we're given a glimpse of the awkward, eclectic inner workings of the songs, and the strong foundations of garage, blues, and rock and roll that underpinned the Velvet Underground's own unique sound.  


  1. Walk Alone 
  2. Venus In Furs / Crackin' Up 
  3. Rhythm & Blues Instrumental 
  4. Run Run Run / Miss Joanie Lee 
  5. Day Tripper / Boom Boom  
  6. Rockabilly Instrumental 
  7. Blues Instrumental 
  8. Heroin 
  9. There She Goes Again 
  10. Green Onions 
  11. There She Goes Again 
  12. Heroin 
  13. I'll Keep It With Mine 
  14. European Son / Suzie-Q 
  15. Get It On Time 
  16. I'll Be Your Mirror 


  • Double-LP pressed on 140g vinyl 
  • CD housed in jewel case 



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