Dying For It split 7" single by The Vaselines and The Pooh Sticks on Glass Modern Records

The Vaselines / The Pooh Sticks - Dying For It / Dying For It


  • £8.99

The Vaselines sing The Vaselines, and The Pooh Sticks do too!

Recorded in 1987 by Stephen Pastel, The Vaselines' lewd-but-naïve and abrasive-yet-tender, primitivist squall remains a perfect distillation of pop at its most guileless and euphoric, which, as everybody knows, inspired Nirvana. 

Backed with The Pooh Sticks postmodern cultural criticism, retro-irony, slavish imitation, and power pop manna - originally released in 1989, it was as high concept as it was lowbrow.


  1. The Vaselines - Dying For It
  2. The Pooh Sticks - Dying For It


Pressed on coloured vinyl; limited to 500 copies in the UK (1000 copies worldwide); released on Record Store Day 2020


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