Music For Acoustic Instruments & Feedback by Vanessa Amara on Posh Isolation (the album cover is a colour photograph of a large cloud in the sky; the album title and band name are printed in small text down the right-hand edge of the sleeve, alongside a barcode).

Vanessa Amara - Music For Acoustic Instruments & Feedback


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Copenhagen's Vanessa Amara is the duo of Birk Gjerlufsen and Sebastián Santillana, who create beautiful abstract music utilising spacious tape loops and echoing drones. 

Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback is a collection of unedited live recordings made between 2016 and 2020, The album's title descriptive of its process: utilising an arrangement of microphones, speakers, and tape machines, Vanessa Amara created a system that allowed them to work with acoustic feedback. In the group's own words, "We don't have a studio or a piano, so instead we work briefly in other peoples' homes or in any room made available to us. Each of these rooms, what is within them and how the instruments resonate there, is what generates the sound." With piano, accordion, pipe organ, carillon, and bells, this system generates an exquisite space of delicately placed harmonics and sweet ricochets (for example, the track 'Accordion' captures a passing all-terrain vehicle from inside a church). 

However, at the core of the album's making is feedback. As Vanessa Amara explain, "The autonomy of the feedback is critical as it demands an improvisational relationship to the shaping of sound. We wish to trigger a capacity for refusal of perfection forcing awareness. Our hope is that the transparency that we believe improvisation holds a capacity for can at once connect and nourish solidarity, provoking movement as well as continuity in and between our, as well as our audience's, collective and individual labour in life." 

The resulting collection of on Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback is beautiful and ethereal slow music; it is meditative and subtly playful in a way that transcends the boundaries of experimental practice, and seems to breathe a life of its own. 


  1. Bells 
  2. Piano & Accordion I 
  3. Accordion 
  4. Piano & Two Tape Loops 
  5. Pipe Organ 
  6. Piano & Accordion II 
  7. Cembalo & Carillon 
  8. Piano, Bells & Two Reversed Tape Loops 


  • Limited pressing of 300 copies 
  • Housed in brown card-stock disco-sleeve (no outer sleeve) 




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