Use No Hooks - The Job


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The Job is a treasure trove of previously unreleased recordings by early-80s Australian disco-punk heroes Use No Hooks.

The band feature Arne Hanna from Michael Hutchence's late 80s INXS side-project Max Q, as well as members of infamous Melbourne synth-punk band Primitive Calculators. Use No Hooks are best known for their 1983 Aussie punk-funk classic Do The Job, never released at the time and first heard on Chapter's Can't Stop It! #2 compilation in 2007. The track was later bootlegged on a 12" by UK DJs Psychemagik and has since become a leftfield club staple.

The band existed in various incarnations from 1979-84. They took part in Melbourne's renowned Little Band scene, before morphing unexpectedly into a nine piece disco-funk big band in 1983. This final incarnation took nods from Chic, Talking Heads and the Sugarhill Gang, twisting them into an Australian punk-funk, proto-rap format uniquely their own.

The band recorded five songs onto reel-to-reel four track with engineer Simon Grounds in 1983, including the legendary Do the Job, but the unmixed tape remained in a cupboard for more than 35 years, until a chance conversation between Simon and Chapter's Guy Blackman lead to the songs finally being rescued from the aging reel. Some choice live and rehearsal recordings have also been added as digital bonus tracks.


  1. Do the Job
  2. The Hook
  3. Circumstances Beyond Our Control
  4. Spoonful
  5. In the Clear
  6. Your Services Are No Longer Required (live)
  7. Do the Job (live)

    Digital bonus tracks:
  8. But You Smile Anyway
  9. Instrumentality
  10. Momentum
  11. Sideshore Boogie
  12. ­This Way Up
  13. Back Story


Pressed on royal-blue vinyl

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