Wall Of Sound: Dones Patterns Noises by Ulrich Krieger on Sub Rosa

Ulrich Krieger - Wall Of Sound: Drones Patterns Noises


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Wall of Sound is a series of CDs about music that invites the listener to indulge themselves in sound. It doesn't guide an audience through a narrative-like a song, but offers the listener slow changing and developing soundscapes, acoustic sculptures, to immerse themselves in. How listeners moves in and through these sounds is up to them: meditative drifting along, focusing on certain small details of sounds, letting themselves be taken away by emerging psycho-acoustic phenomena or going back and forth between listening attitudes. It is a physical and sensual approach to the phenomenon of thick sound worlds; sound waves become physical objects, four-dimensional sonic sculptures to be experienced, bodily and mentally. 

Ulrich Krieger is well known as a saxophone player in contemporary composed and free-improvised music, as well as a composer of chamber music and electronic music. His recent focus lies in the experimental fields and fringes of contemporary pop culture. In addition to arranging works by Merzbow, Throbbing Gristle, Deicide, Terry Riley, Henry Cowell and others for chamber ensemble, he has collaborated with Lou Reed, LaMonte Young, Thomas Köner, DJ Olive, Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Mario Bertoncini, Michiko Hirayama, and Miriam Marbe, just to name a few.

On this triple-CD album, divided between drone, pattern and noise pieces, Kreiger interprets the work of Alvin LucierPhill NiblockJohn CageJohn DuncanJames TenneyTerry RileyLee RanaldoPhilip GlassSteve ReichBoris Hegenbartand Zbigniew Karkowski.


CD1 Drones
  1. James Tenney, Saxony, 1978
  2. John Cage, Four5, 1991
  3. Alvin Lucier. In Memoriam Jon Higgins, 1989
  4. Phill Niblock, Didjeridoos and Don'ts, 1992
CD2 Patterns
  1. Philip Glass, Music in Fifths, 1968
  2. Steve Reich, Pendulum Music, 1969
  3. Terry Riley, Dorian Reed, 1964
  4. Philip Glass, 1+1, 1968
  5. Steve Reich, Reed Phase, 1967
CD3 Noises
  1. Lee Ranaldo,  Elegy for WTC, 2001
  2. Boris Hegenbart, u-getriebe, 1998
  3. Zbigniew Karkowski, Execution of Intelligence, 2003
  4. Ulrich Krieger, Give me some feedback, 1991/2015
  5. John Duncan, Channel Zone, 2001



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