Tune-Yards - Nikki Nack


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Nikki Nack is the third album by Tune-Yards, released in 2014.

Following the critical acclaim for previous record, whokill, Nikki Nack finds Merrill Garbus working closely with producers including Malay (Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys) and John Hill (Rihanna, Shakira)

Experimentation is key - where the loop pedal and the saxophone were main components of the first and second record respectively, it's the drum that takes centre stage here, augmented by greater use of synth and Nate's growing prowess as a bassist. With it's its jump-rope-chant title, the brilliantly playful Nikki Nack continues the Tune-Yards story gloriously.

"Dazzlingly imaginative" - NPR


  1. Find A New Way
  2. Water Fountain
  3. Time of Dark
  4. Real Thing
  5. Look Around
  6. Hey Life
  7. Sink-O
  8. Why Do We Dine On The Tots?
  9. Stop That Man
  10. Wait for a Minute
  11. Left Behind
  12. Rocking Chair
  13. Manchild



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