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Trash Kit are Rachel Aggs (Shopping, Sacred Paws), Rachel Horwood (Bamboo, Halo Halo) and Gill Partington (Halo Halo). They have a wild feel for melody, writing songs that pull at the reins with a spontaneous charm. Formed in 2009 by the two Rachels and original bassist, Ros Murray (Electrelane, Ray Rumours, Lesbo Pig), they've since become the glowing core of London's DIY underground. Their music is primal yet thoughtful, affirming yet sincere, drawing on the potential of post-punk and the naturalism of an internal folk music.

Although Trash Kit have their forebears in bands like X-Ray Spex, The Ex and The Raincoats, their sound is very much their own take on facing forwards. Galloping polyrhythms, overlapping sung-spoke lyrics and entwining guitars are all drawn together into a taut unity, sounding wilfully alive. Both Rachels tangle their vocals with each other whilst expressive drumbeats and restless guitar flurries provide the rhythmic drive.

Aggs' guitar playing is as much informed by African fingerstyle patterns as the percussive attitude of various no wave shredders. Horwood approaches her drumkit with an untamable freedom, pushing it into the realm of a vivid lead instrument. Trash Kit's music is full of pauses, woven silence and punctuation too, and this is where the resonant, soulful bass finds a perfect home.


  1. Teenagers
  2. How Do You Do?


Pressed on translucent orange vinyl; limited to 500 copies



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