Toxic Waste - Belfast


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Originally released in 1987 on the band's own label, and out of print for thirty years, Belfast was a collection of Toxic Waste's previous releases, and some new recordings of old songs. It is dynamic and intense pissed-off political punk. 

While most anarcho-punk bands of the time sang about a war they’d only seen on TV,  Toxic Waste were politically active in Belfast during the troubles. Angry, intense and in-your-face, but with a clear peace-punk message, they were involved in the Warzone Collective and shared stages, experiences and activism with bands such as Stalag 17, Conflict, Asylum and Antisect. 

  1. Traditionally Yours 
  2. Religious Leader 
  3. As More Die 
  4. Tug of War 
  5. Listen Margaret 
  6. Song For Britain 
  7. Traditionally Yours (B) 
  8. Burn Your Flags 
  9. Dear Little Dinosaur 
  10. Belfast / Plastic Bullets 
  11. We Will Be Free 


  • Features replica sleeve with original artwork 
  • Includes fold-out lyric insert 





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