Beaming by Tony Oxley on Confront Recordings (part of the Core Series, the album cover has a white band across the top with the artist and title in black writing; beneath this is a white-on-black abstract line drawing)

Tony Oxley - Beaming


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Tony Oxley is one of the great forefathers of European Improvised Music, and at 81 years of age is still making exceptionally vital music. 
Anyone who appreciates the sound of Oxley's electro-acoustic works from the seventies and eighties will not be disappointed! Beaming was recorded in Viersen, Germany, at the end of November 2019 and features Stefan Hölker on percussion. 


  1. Frame I 
  2. Frame II 
  3. Frame III 
  4. Frame IV 
  5. Frame V 
  6. Frame VI  


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