Elaboration of Particulars by Tony Oxley & Alan Davie on Confront Recordings (the album artwork features a black and white illustration with abstract shapes)

Tony Oxley & Alan Davie - Elaboration Of Particulars


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Featuring never previously released recordings made by Tony Oxley and Alan Davie at Davie’s home during 1977 and 1978, Elaboration of Particulars offers us a vital insight into the development of this intriguing duo and its place within the history of British improvised music. 
Formed in 1970, by the time these sessions were made, Oxley and Davie’s duo music had metamorphosied into something totally unique and exclusively their own. Oxley’s amplified frame conjures up oscillating currents and surging electronic shards that, together with his percussive counterpoint, play a perfect partnership with Alan Davie’s enlightened piano modulations. The music presented here by Oxley and Davie echoes the electro-acoustic works of Stockhausen, Berio and Varese but it is delivered with an altogether different intent by two experienced and musically sophisticated improvisers. 


"Each cymbal and drum stroke, piano sonority and attendant electronic exhortation thrums with the excitement of discovery and rings with the satisfaction of event in fruition. Music such as this exists within and transcends its time, each audition a multivalent glance at the creative histories and microhistories caught, enshrined and discarded by those brave souls who created them" - New York City Jazz Record 


  1. Particular I 
  2. Particular II 
  3. Particular III 
  4. Particular IV 
  5. Particular V 
  6. Particular VI 
  7. Particular VII 
  8. Paricular VIII  


  • CD housed in six-panel double-gatefold card jacket 


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