Tom Smucker - Why The Beach Boys Matter

Tom Smucker - Why The Beach Boys Matter


  • £13.99

This is the first book to take an honest look at the themes running through the Beach Boys’ art and career as a whole and to examine where they sit inside our culture and politics—and why they still grab our attention.

"Why the Beach Boys Matter looks at the boys musically, sociologically, psychologically, and in terms of race, class and gender. It adds to the already considerable literature about the band." Jonah Raskin, New York Journal of Books.

"Smucker's mix of unabashed fanboy enthusiasm with razor sharp analysis makes him the perfect teller of this story, which is not only the story of the Boys, but also of the great dry beach of American suburbia on which their popularity surfed. Smucker’s telling intertwines (his own) personal narrative with that of the music/ musicians; and traces their mutual trajectory through our collective political/cultural body." Marc Ribot, musician

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