Tom McRae's self-titled debut album on db records

Tom McRae - Tom McRae


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Tom McRae’s self-titled debut album, released to great acclaim in 2000, remastered and reissued.

“Dark as the inside of a cello, the most warmly sinister minutes of your life” Melody Maker


CD 1
  1. You Cut Her Hair
  2. End of The World News (Dose Me Up)
  3. 2nd Law
  4. Bloodless
  5. Draw Down the Stars
  6. One More Mile
  7. The Boy with The Bubblegun
  8. Hidden Camera Show
  9. A & B Song
  10. Language of Fools
  11. Untitled
  12. Sao Paulo Rain
  13. I Ain't Scared of Lightning.
CD 2
  1. Happiness Writes White
  2. Where I Started
  3. Too Many Ghosts
  4. Duvets Curtains Custard Cream Guitars
  5. Monkey See
  6. A & B Song (Home Demo)
  7. End of The World News (Dose Me Up) (Home Demo)
  8. Shade of Grey
  9. Frankenstein's Biscuit
  10. Still Here
  11. When Morning Calls
  12. Learn to Swim
  13. Picture Clear
  14. Language of Fools (Home Demo)
  15. Casablanca FM


Double CD; additional CD features rare unreleased demos and early recordings


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