Tiny Holes - City Of Siege: Olympia


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Tiny Holes is the avant-new wave-dance super group you never heard of. These future legends of independent music skirted the fine line between obscurity and nothingness, producing a small, effective body of cheeky noise.

Seattle uber-producer Jack Endino, who mixed and mastered the album, says "The whole thing is impossibly brilliant".

In the late '70s, electronic music pioneer Steve Fisk and burgeoning sound artist Steve Peters started a quirky electro-pop project called Customer Service. After moderate exposure in Olympia and Seattle (their first gig was opening for Gang of Four), this duo morphed into a trio with future fanzine publisher, cassette-zine visionary, and Sub/Pop record mogul Bruce Pavitt, called Professional Ethics. The rhythm section of drummer Phillip Hertz and bass monster Paul Tison came on board, and Tiny Holes was born. For a year they annoyed the neighbors and laid waste to dance floors in Olympia, Seattle and Portland.

This album is from their last show, recorded on a mobile 8-track on 17th of May 1981 (exactly 38 years to the day of this record's release). Producer Jack Endino agreed to handle the mix, comix artist Peter Bagge was drafted to create cover art.


  1. Intro
  2. Russian Satellites
  3. I'm In A Room
  4. Adventure
  5. Flying In An Airplane
  6. DBFC
  7. Pounding Hooves
  8. City Of Siege
  9. I Love You
  10. Walking On Air
  11. I Refuse
  12. Billy
  13. Come On Down!


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