Thurston Moore - Not Me

Thurston Moore - Not Me


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Originally released on 10" by Forth Dimension Records in 1996, this limited 20th anniversary reissue contains new liner-notes by Thurston Moore.

Containing two minimalist improvised instrumental pieces, Not Me is a low-key, meditative, and loose live recording featuring percussionist Tom Surgal, neatly matching Moore's gentle spacious guitar/electronic touches. The tonal language is, at times, recognisable as that shared with Sonic Youth (and the use of reverb notably reminiscent of he quieter moments of EVOL/Sister-era SY), but that's where any similarity ends, as Moore demonstrates he is equally at home in this more sparse and experimental context - about as far from a rock band as you can get...


  1. Not Me  [11:33}
  2. Lydia's Moth  {11:00]


CD housed in gatefold card sleeve with original artwork; new liner notes by Thurston Moore; limited to 500 copies



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