The Third Eye Foundation - Wake The Dead


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"There was a time when The Third Eye Foundation was the mirror of the world from which the group drew its substance...." - so starts the press release for this record, but the rest of the thousand-or-so words made less sense, and maybe they weren't meant to. Or they it didn't matter if they made sense to any one else or not, as that seems to be the approach Third Eye Foundation's Matt Elliott has always taken to music.

Third Eye have danced on the edges of many genres since the debut album, Semtex, sprang from the experimental Bristol scene of the nineties, but not really fitted easily alongside any. It's a lonely kind of music, willfully dark and it's obnoxious, and sure of itself... and now it's kind-of grown up; it's a respectable noise-cake... It's instrumental music for the mind, or something like that.

Wake The Dead is actually a record to immerse yourself in, and you may like where it takes you!

"Words have no place here except to confuse matters a little further..." - so ends the press release for this record.


  1. Wake the Dead
  2. Procession for Eric
  3. The Blasted Tower
  4. Controlled Demolition
  5. That's Why
  6. Do the Crawl


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