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Thee Headcoatees - Punk Girls


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Originally released in 1997, Punk Girls, one of The Headcoatees best, meanest and most-loved records. The openers, 'Punk Girl', and Beatles re-working 'Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand' are both coolly defiant fun-sneers... This is really a great fun and angry lo-fi garage album from start to finish, and has the best version of 'Teenage Kicks' since the original. Oh yea, and of course, closer, 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' is the Thee Headcoatees on fire! 

The Headcoatees were Holly Golightly, Ludella Black, Kyra Rubella & Bongo Debbie, they released seven studio albums, a singles compilation and a split live album with Thee Headcoats. Thee Headcoatees played live along with Thee Headcoats from 1990-1999 when they split, followed a year later by Thee Headcoats. 


  1. Punk Girl 
  2. Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand 
  3. Billy B. Childish 
  4. Teenage Kicks 
  5. You're Right, I'm Wrong 
  6. Pinhead 
  7. Cara-Lin 
  8. Punk Boy 
  9. Zig-Zag 
  10. Sticks and Stones 
  11. Shadow 
  12. Ca Plane Pour Moi 


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