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The Other Years are Anna Krippenstapel and Heather Summers. They travel light: Fiddle, guitar, banjo, and two human voices. There is something pure and strong and ancient in their voices, just like Jean Ritchie or Hazel Dickens or Karen Dalton. Sometimes Heather and Anna sing together, sometimes they trade off. They leave plenty of space for notes to ring out and words to sink in. And there is a wisdom in their words that seem to reach out beyond their years. 

Their self-titled debut album was recorded over three spring days at a cabin outside Louisville, Kentucky, and engineered by Daniel Martin Moore


  1. Red-Tailed Hawk 
  2. Adaline 
  3. Sinks of Gandy / Maysville 
  4. Talkeetna 
  5. Fair Ellen 
  6. White Marble 
  7. Chapel on Pine Mountain 
  8. Lantern Song 
  9. Wildegeeses 
  10. Bridges 


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