The Nervy Betters - A Day And A Season Later


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Stitch-Stitch is proud to present The Nervy Betters’ second album, A Day and a Season Later.

"We bit off more than we could chew and gnawed on it for three years.

"We hunkered down for a bonfire night weekend in a house on the south coast, the songwriting partnership of Steve Brett and Henry Ireland accompanied by Nicol Parkinson, who recorded and mixed the album. In bedrooms and kitchens, attics and halls, over the following years the songs grew with new harmonies, instruments and voices. We are joined here by Ian Humberstone, Emma Hooper, Sue Lord, Eimear O'Donovan, Rhiannon Parkinson, Joan Patrick, Greg Phillips and Ben Ransom, singing, playing, making a noise. As always, we are in deep debt to our friends for playing and singing on this record.

"Strings, horns, bird calls, feedback, voices. Walking home. Singing songs about the places we live and the places we’ve been and the places we’ve left. Documenting moments and feelings for nobody and for no reason. Taking a pencil for a walk. Colouring in the spaces.

"We tried hard and it mattered to us very much.

"The world changed. We try to be our heroes but cannot help being ourselves. As we come together as individuals moving in many directions at once, we form a new thing, and maybe that thing is a little older and more sure of itself than it was the first time around."

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