Terry - Remember Terry


  • £14.99


Remember Terry is an album full of wish fulfilment, critiqued characters, memorial muscle and historical hustle, drawing on everyday realities and delivered in about two-minute wonders through gang vocals, contagious melodies, unbridled drums and keyboard sirens.

This Melbourne band Terry's 2016 follow-up to their celebrated 2015 debut, Terry HQ, and bites with the same off-kilter pop pounce that has made them one of the most exciting and interesting bands to come out of Austrailia in recent years (which is saying a lot...!)


  1. Rio
  2. Start The Tape
  3. Take Me To The City
  4. Risk
  5. Give Up The Crown
  6. Heavin Heavies
  7. Glory
  8. Gun
  9. The Colonel
  10. Homage

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