Some Kind Of Happening: Singles 1978-1989 by Television Personalities on Fire Records

Television Personalities - Some Kind Of Happening: Singles 1978-1989


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Some Kind Of Happiness is a comprehensive collection of all the Television Personalities single releases, from their debut 14th Floor 7" in 1978 to 1989's Salvador Dali Garden Party EP. 

A bonus 7" includes includes the band's ultra-rare recordings as The Gifted Children, and the digital download includes a further nine bonus tracks, including Syd Barrett's 'Apples And Oranges' from the Beyond The Wildwood tribute album, and other rare and unissued recordings. 

A celebration of the unique genius of Dan Treacy's songwriting at its singular best, this excellent compilation of the TVPs best-loved songs and obscurities is an essential album for all fans and completists, as well as anyone with even a passing interest in the post-punk invention of indie-pop and C86. 

“Treacy is the outsider's outsider, committed to a raw honesty, constantly bearing witness to his own suffering, his own weakness and fallibility” - The Quietus


  1. 14th Floor 
  2. Oxford St., W.1 
  3. Part Time Punks 
  4. Where's Bill Grundy Now? 
  5. Happy Families 
  6. Posing At The Roundhouse 
  7. The Prettiest Girl In The World 
  8. If That's What Love Is 
  9. Smashing Time 
  10. King And Country 
  11. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives 
  12. Arthur The Gardener 
  13. Three Wishes 
  14. Geoffrey Ingram 
  15. And Don't The Kids Just Love It! 
  16. A Sense Of Belonging 
  17. Paradise Estate 
  18. How I Learned To Love The Bomb 
  19. Then God Snaps His Fingers 
  20. Now You're Just Being Ridiculous 
  21. She's Only The Grocer's Daughter 
  22. A Girl Called Charity 
  23. Salvador Dali's Garden Party 
  24. The Room At The Top Of The Stairs 
  25. This Time There's No Happy Ending 
  26. Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations 

  1. The Gifted Children - Painting By Numbers  
  2. The Gifted Children - Lichtenstein Girl 
  3. The Television Personalities - Biff Bang Pow 

  1. Apples And Oranges 
  2. I Still Believe In Magic 
  3. Respectable 
  4. Privilege 
  5. Me And My Desire 
  6. Miracles Take Longer 
  7. My Imaginary Friend 
  8. I Remember Bridget Riley 
  9. A Picture Of Dorian Gray (live) 


  • Fully remastered 
  • Includes liner notes by David Henderson 
  • Double-LP housed in gatefold jacket with additional 7" in printed sleeve 
  • Contains download coupon with full album plus 9 rare bonus tracks 







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