Television Personalities - And Don't The Kids Just Love It


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Originally released on Rough Trade Records in 1981, And Don't The Kids Just Love It is Television Personalities incomparable debut album. 

Formed in 1977 after Dan Treacy heard The Sex Pistols and Jonathan Richman, and championed by John Peel, Television Personalities' inventive, catchy and instantly accessible take on modish post-punk became a template for indie bands for the rest of the decade, and is still a key influence on DIY punk decades later. 

And Don't The Kids Just Love It is a lo-fi masterpiece of 60's-pop inspired post-punk that was way ahead of its time in 1981, and still endures forty years later! 


  1. This Angry Silence 
  2. The Glittering Prizes 
  3. World of Pauline Lewis 
  4. A Family Affair 
  5. Silly Girl 
  6. Diary of a Young Man 
  7. Geoffrey Ingram 
  8. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives 
  9. Jackanory Stories 
  10. Parties In Chelsea 
  11. La Grande Illusion 
  12. A Picture of Dorian Gray 
  13. The Crying Room 
  14. Look Back In Anger 


  • 40th anniversary red vinyl edition limited to 500 copies 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 4mm spine 
  • LP contains download coupon 






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