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Team Dresch - Personal Best


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Team Dresch were Donna Dresch, Jody Bleyle, Kaia Wilson and Marcéo Martinez, and combining the brazenness of riot grrrl with the angst dirge of grunge, as well as indie-pop heart-thrills, they didn’t just raise the stakes of queercore in the mid-nineties, they created two near-perfect albums about longing, freedom, and belonging over guitar riffs as epic and intense as their poetic couplets. 
Originally released in 1995 on Chainsaw/Candy Ass Records, their debut album, Personal Best, roils with political rage, ecstatic love, familial worry, defiant joy. It is a call to arms for an army of lovers. To paraphrase their own song, they are amazing; their words save us. 


"Team Dresch should make every "best band" list, for ever" - Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) 


  1. Fagetarian And Dyke 
  2. Hate The Christian Right! 
  3. She's Crushing My Mind 
  4. Freewheel 
  5. She's Amazing 
  6. Fake Fight 
  7. #1 Chance Pirate TV 
  8. D.A. Don't Care 
  9. Growing Up in Springfield 
  10. Screwing Yer Courage 


  • US import 
  • 25th anniversary remastered edition
  • LP pressed on audiophile vinyl 




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