Team Dresch - Choices, Chances, Changes


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A collection of singles and compilation tracks from queercore/riot grrrl legends Team Dresch. 

From 'Hand Grenade' to 'Temporary Insurance', Team Dresch’s highly emotive, tightly-wound and put simply, very loud punk rock was an unprecedented type of vehicle for which to deliver the band’s profoundly prescient messages and identity, one that resonates deeply with our current times. That this music was made approximately a quarter-century in the past is an astonishing thing to wrap one’s head around. That it went somewhat overlooked in its day is not terribly surprising, given that it was probably a little too “ahead of its time”, so to speak. Throughout the 1994 - 2000 timeline traversed by this compilation, Team Dresch created a song cycle that plays through with the intensity and influence of both their albums proper, Personal Best and Captain My Captain


  1. My Voice 
  2. Hand Grenade 
  3. Endtime Relay 
  4. Molasses in January 
  5. Seven 
  6. Fake Fight 
  7. Song For Anne Biannon 
  8. What Can A Lover Do? 
  9. It’s A Conversation 
  10. Deattached 
  11. Venus Lacy 
  12. Temporary Insurance 


  • US import 
  • LP pressed on pink vinyl and limited to 1000 copies 




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