Tapper Zukie - Man Ah Warrior


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Tapper Zukie's revolutionary debut album, Man Ah Warrior, originally released in 1973, is an album that demonstrates perfectly the great things raw talent with little resources can create. It's classic Dee Jay style has been copied by many, but bettered by few. 


  1. Man Ah Warrior 
  2. Ire Lion 
  3. I King Zukie 
  4. Simpleton Badness 
  5. Archie, The Rednose Reindeer 
  6. Viego 
  7. Zukie Fashionwear 
  8. Black Cinderella 
  9. Cally Dolly 
  10. When Zukie Day Yah 
  11. A Message To Pork Eaters 




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