Tangled Shoelaces - Turn My Dial: M Squared Recordings And More, 1981-84


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Turn My Dial is a life-affirmingly brilliant compilation of wide-eyed avant-pop new wave from Australia's youngest band. Centred around three baby-faced siblings, Stephen, Lucy and Martin Mackerras, Tangled Shoelaces were were aged 10-14 when they first started in a leafy suburb of Brisbane in 1980. In the four years the band existed, they opened for punk acts like Dead Kennedys and John Cooper Clarke, and released one cassette in 1982 and a 7" EP in 1984, before breaking up, the oldest members just eighteen years old. 

It would be easy to say they were great for their age, but, the truth is, they were great regardless, and precisely because, of their age. Their music is incredibly catchy, sweet, forward-thinking and off-kilter post-punk indie-pop, brimming with a genius akin to Television Personalities and the Go-Betweens, revelling in youth, sweetness, and playful confidence. 

Almost impossible to find for over three decades, Chapter Music sifted through an archive of recordings made at the legendary studios of Sydney label M Squared, home to fabled Australian post-punk artists like Systematics, Scattered Order and Ya Ya Choral, to produce Turn My Dial - twenty-two songs, most of them previously unreleased, of the smartest eccentric teenage pop you'll ever hear. 

“A record of imagination and diversity, of engaging innocence and muted expressiveness, of breadth and depth” - Rolling Stone  


  1. The Biggest Movie Ever Made 
  2. World 
  3. Oceans Away 
  4. Turn My Dial 
  5. I Need A Stamp 
  6. Political Jokes 
  7. Sleeping 
  8. Little Bear 
  9. Bordumb 
  10. Giant Rabbits 
  11. Indulgence 
  12. Edifus 
  13. Rain Clouds 
  14. What Do You Want From Me Now? 
  15. Just 4 U 
  16. On The Sea 

Bonus tracks (on digital download): 
  1.  You Can Come Too 
  2. Wental Trap 
  3. S.E.P. 
  4. Rejection 
  5. Fred’s Cave 
  6. Beware Of Falling Objects 


  • First pressing on blue and pink cloudy swirl vinyl 
  • Includes full-colour inner-sleeve with extensive liner notes with photos  
  • Contains download coupon with full album, plus six additional bonus tracks 






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