Tamayuge - Baba Yaga


  • £20.99


A blend of experimental, melancholia and creepy-kitsch, Tamayugé is a collaboration between Maya Kuroki and Tamara Filyavich, a Japanese and a Ukrainian now based in Montreal, and Baba Yaga is their debut album.

Maya Kuroki's phantasmagoric vocals and dreamy guitar, added to Tamara Filyavich's team of electronic ghosts fresh out of her nightmares, invite is to a strange ritual, between tormented performance and feminist ceremony.

The mysterious and unsettling Tamayuge’s universe is somewhere between Phew, Laurie Anderson and The Residents.


  1. Ame Nochi Hare
  2. Jyu Hantai
  3. Chornei Glaz
  4. Tamago
  5. Kompeito
  6. Herbert Song
  7. Tamayugé Story

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