All Bets Are Off by Tamar Aphek on Kill Rock Stars (the album cover is a photograph of Aphek holding a silver telephone receiver up to their ear as they stare at the camera; the background is a montage of a desert landscape with a white running horse and a man stood behind a bar of a pub)

Tamar Aphek - All Bets Are Off


  • £19.99

For Tamar Aphek, the freedom to improvise was essential to creating the incredible ups-and-downs expressed on her solo debut, All Bets Are Off. an album of that delights in twists and turns, hypnotic heaviness, beautiful cacophonies and a sense of intimate rawness. 

Teaming up with bass player Or Dromi and drummer David Gorensteyn, whose jazzy improvisational style help to capture "the feeling of a rollercoaster," Aphek touches upon jealousy, surveillance, love, compassion, anger and escape in an inventive, stylish and noisy record that pops and sizzles and rocks and sprawls in all the right places.


  1. Russian Winter
  2. Show Me Your Pretty Side
  3. All I Know
  4. Drive
  5. Too Much Information
  6. Crossbow
  7. Beautiful Confusion
  8. Nothing Can Surprise Me
  9. As Time Goes By


  • US import
  • LP contains download coupon
  • CD comes in gatefold card sleeve with 7mm spine




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