Table Sugar - Introductory Material


  • £19.99

Introductory Material is the debut recording of Olympia, Washington's Table Sugar. Originally self-released on cassette in 2016, it is now being made available on vinyl by the excellent Water Wing Records.

Along with bands like Lithics and girlSperm, Table Sugar are part of a current welcome trend for genius minimal lo-fi off-kilter post-punk that is both immediately dance-able and essentially shambolic - that feeling it could all fall apart at any moment is, after all, what really makes for the best kind of dancing!

Introductory Material is spiky, impulsive, and passionate; Table Sugar are a band that seem to approach every song with a dozen ideas and directions, but have an instinct for restraint that results in a distilled inventiveness that is fun and sharp and raw. These are songs that sound like they may never be played the same way twice!


  1. Carried Away
  2. Something Like That 
  3. Marry Me
  4. Straight Shooter  
  5. No Es Nada
  6. Train Way Underground
  7. Gazpacho
  8. Badlands
  9. M.e.
  10. Vulnerability

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