Swell Maps - Mayday Signals


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Swell Maps were formed out of various bedrooms in the mid-70s by Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Jowe Head and Phones Sportsman, and became the pioneers of DIY punk. 
Mayday Signals
is a double-album crammed full of rare and unreleased tracks recorded between 1976 and 1979 from the vaults of Swell Maps founder Jowe Head, including demo versions of two of the bands singles, 'Dresden Style' and 'Read About Seymour.' 



  1. Intro/Sweet and Sour extract 
  2. Almost Grown 
  3. City Boys (Dresden Style) 
  4. Sahara 
  5. One of the Crowd 
  6. Wireless 
  7. Ripped and Torn 
  8. God Save the Queen 
  9. Platinum Blind 
  10. Harvist 
  11. Gramofonica 
  12. Read About Seymour 
  13. Shubunkin 
  14. Trade Kingdom 
  15. Pets’ Corner 
  16. Fashion Cult (Opaque) 
  17. Plankton 
  18. Johnny Seven 
  19. Below Number One 
  20. Plumbing/Radio Ten/Here’s the Cupboard 
  21. Organism 
  22. Sweet and Sour reprise 
  23. Vertical Slum 
  24. Avalanche prelude 
  25. International Rescue 
  26. Deliferous Mistail 
  27. Armadillo 
  28. Avalanche part 2 
  29. Off The Beach 
  30. Drop in the Ocean 
  31. Whatever Happens Next (acoustic) 
  32. Elegia pt.2 
  33. Bandits 1-5 
  34. Secret Choir 
  35. Big Cake Over America 
  36. Tibetan Bedsprings 


  • Includes liner notes by Jowe Head 
  • Artwork designed by Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head in 1977 
  • Double-LP housed in sleeve with extra-wide 12mm spine and printed inner-sleeves 
  • CD housed in gatefold sleeve with 4mm spine 


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