Sweeping Promises - Hunger For A Way Out


  • $17.00

Straight from the depths of an unused Boston-area concrete laboratory comes the debut of Sweeping Promises. Written and recorded with a patented "single mic technique" just before quarantine, Hunger for a Way Out, is a poppy DIY gem of unpolished post-punk. 
Angular guitars and sharp synth notes float atop raw rhythms, while the truly defining feature of Sweeping Promises' sound is Lira Mondal's effervescent vocals. While a timeless brooding minimal sound prevails, there is an undeniable 80's new-wave pop-appeal captured in vibrant monaural glory. 



  1. Hunger for a Way Out 
  2. Cross Me Out 
  3. Blue 
  4. Out Again 
  5. Safe Now 
  6. Falling Forward 
  7. Upright 
  8. Atelier 
  9. An Appetite 
  10. Trust 


  • US import 
  • LP includes three-colour risograph lyric insert and download coupon 
  • CD housed in digipack case 




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