Sun Ra Arkestra - Live In Kalisz 1986


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Recorded on the night of December 7th 1986, at the Sun Ra Arkestra's performance at the International Jazz Piano Festival in the city of Kalisz, Poland, these tapes, which had been lost in a basement until recently, are evidence of the otherworldly genius of a truly transcendental jazz ensemble.

Sun Ra on piano leads the twelve-strong Arkestra seamlessly from free improvisation and mellow-minimalism to call-and-response pop and all-out-bop to futurist-trad-swing and even jazz standards in the form of Mack The Knife - complete with faux-Louis growl! 

At the time, Poland, still a part of the Soviet Union, was cut off from the west behind the Iron Curtain, but in just a few years the Berlin Wall would fall, and the decades-long Cold War would come to an end. It's hard to hear this album outside of that historical context when, following the fifteen-minute mostly-abstract opener, 'Infinity Drum Intro/Discipline 27-11,' the Arkestra launch into 'Children Of The Sun' with the joyful message that "a different kind of day is on its way... things ain't never gonna be what they used to be... a beautiful day is on its way... tomorrow is knocking at your door". 


  1. Infinity Drum Intro / Discipline 27-II
  2. Children of the Sun
  3. Improvised I
  4. Yeah Man!
  5. Improvised II
  6. Untitled Blues
  7. I’ll Never Be the Same
  8. Prelude to a Kiss
  9. Mack the Knife
  10. Outro


Edition of 750; pressed on 180g black vinyl; double album; includes 4-page booklet with photographs and extensive notes.

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