String Noise - Alien Stories


  • £12.99

New York violin duo String Noise (Pauline Kim Harris and Conrad Harris) have seen acclaim for their unique arrangements of pieces from disparate corners of the musical world - from conceptual minimalist treatises by Alvin Lucier, to noise-nik punk songs by the likes of Half Japanese and the Germs. 

On Alien Stories, the duo interpret the work of five contemporary African American composer-performers: Lester St. Louis, Jessie Cox, Jonathan FinlaysonAnaïs Maviel, and Charles Overton


  1. Alien Stories (Jessie Cox) 
  2. ARCHIVE01 [Absolute Recoil] (Lester St. Louis) 
  3. La Púyalá Munta (Anaïs Maviel) 
  4. Only Time Will Tell (Charles Overton) 
  5. Yet to Be (Jonathan Finlayson) 


  • CD housed in six-panel card sleeve with 4mm spine
  • Includes full liner-notes
  • Features artwork by Edwin Bethea 



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