The Stooges - Fun House

The Stooges - Fun House


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Fun House is The Stooges' hugely influential hard, raw, proto-punk second album, capturing the band at their chaotic peak. 

"At the same time as the dreams of the 60s turned to mud, The Stooges took the hippies’ favourite drug - LSD - with the intention of only singing about the bad trips. Recorded against this backdrop, ‘Fun House’ is the definitive death knell of the 60s, an urgent and vital reflection of the breakdown in American society, and of the breakdown of the debauched genius who articulated it like no-one else could. Primitive, raw and incendiary, Fun House threatens to break down into chaos right from the first note" - Drowned In Sound 


  1. Down on the Street 
  2. Loose 
  3. T.V. Eye 
  4. Dirt 
  5. 1970 
  6. Fun House 
  7. L.A. Blues 


  • CD housed in jewel case with 4-page booklet 





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