Still House Plants - Fast Edit


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Fast Edit is the second LP by Still House Plants. As artists who started to write music together at The Glasgow School of Art, Still House Plants emerged from the eclectic scene surrounding Glasgow’s Green Door Studio and soon found a home at London’s Cafe OTO, where they undertook a six-month residency in 2018. Using drums, a guitar and voice, the trio of Finlay Clark, David Kennedy, and Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach create effortlessly loose improvised post-punk that wears its heart on its sleeve, switching the combativeness of previous releases for bare intimacy.

Written aided by mobile phones, dictaphones, laptop recordings of rehearsals, conversations and live shows, the band cite the cut-up affect of UK garage as the impetus for their sparse treatment of chords and words as samples. In the year spent writing this record, Still House Plants lived more separately, together for shows and home alone, and in between they learned to save and build on everything made. Fast Edit collates their notes, overlaying past editions with new versions, pulling focus from the record itself to the room it was recorded in and inviting you to see the seams.


  1. Pleasures
  2. Blink 2wice
  3. Getting Murky
  4. Choppy Nice
  5. Room
  6. Shy Song
  7. Curb
  8. Do
  9. Able To
  10. I'm in Your Orbit
  11. Crreeaase
  12. September
  13. PredickateD