Question And Answer 1966 by The Spontaneous Music Ensemble on Rhythm And Blues Records

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Question And Answer 1966


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If there was one sound guaranteed to shock in British jazz during 1966 it was that of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, the free-improvising collective centred around drummer/trumpeter John Stevens and saxophonist Trevor Watts, which that year helped establish London’s Little Theatre Club as a stronghold of the ‘new wave’. Although the avant-garde were slow in gaining a toe-hold on British jazz tastes, every so often a grass roots jazz club would take a chance on the new style, such as the night in June 1966 when the Spontaneous Music Ensemble alighted on Greenwich’s Prince Albert pub, eager to deliver their message to fresh ears. 

This CD set contains all the music played that night plus a 30 minute Q&A session, creating what must surely be one of the most important early documents of British ‘free’ jazz. The second CD also adds a studio-taped session from later that year. 

Both sets are previously unissued and both are essential listening for those interested in the course of modern improvised music and avant-garde jazz in the UK. The ensemble would later go on to include influential experimental musicians such as  Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Maggie Nichols, Julie Tippetts and more. 


CD1 (June 22nd 1966, The Prince Albert, Greenwich, London): 
  1. Unknown Title 
  2. Give Me That Old Time Perversion 
  3. You Can Be Happy 
  4. Judy’s Smile 
  5. [Questions And Answers] 
CD2 (August 30th 1966, Unknown Studio, London): 
  1. Themeless Improvisation 
  2. Chant 
  3. Little Red Head 
  4. Day of Reckoning 
  5. Judy’s Smile 
  6. Unknown Title 
  7. Bruce’s Departure 
  8. Peaceful Farewell 


  • Jewel case includes a 12 page booklet with notes by Simon Spillett 


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