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Trust No Wave is a reissue of the 2016 demo tape by New Orleans' experimental punk band Special Interest, featuring members of Mystic InanePatsy, and Psychic Hotline), combining elements of electronic, no wave, glam and industrial music in a raw, visceral, and thrilling drum-machine driven noise for the now age.  

Four of the tracks here are raw early versions of songs that would appear in slightly more refined form on their debut album, 2018’s Spiralling. The other four pieces are unique to this release, including a cover version of Italian new wave band Chrisma, raging opener ‘Disease’, the over-saturated shoegaze-punk of ‘ATC’ and comedown lament ‘I’ll Never Do Ketamine Again.’  

"We recorded these demos in the springtime - a little over six months after we had played our first show. My most vivid memory is that it was raining torrentially as we ran from the car into the studio. Listening back now it’s wild to me how despite being in such a raw and unrefined state we had already stumbled upon our sound. A few of the songs are somewhat coherently formed whereas others are totally shapeless freak outs. The scuzzy primordial soup from which all our other ideas emerged. It’s the sound of us learning to play off of each other and for me personally learning how to play music at all. While there are more polished versions of these songs and in general we have grown so much as a band I still think these recordings capture the energy of that moment in time better than anything else. This is what we must have sounded like playing through a busted PA in a liquor store parking lot. Absolute cacophony, ketamine consciousness - totally true and pure" - Ruth Mascelli,  Special Interest 

Trust No Wave presses on a fresh vein of rage and mayhem, layering shoegaze guitar riffs with avant-garde punk melodies, each track erupts in a transcendent collision. Unrefined, yet spellbinding” - Ears To Feed 

“Showcases Special Interest at their roughest and fiercest” - Destroy To Exist 

“In Trust No Wave you hear the unrestrained glory of a band searching high and low to discover the unique quirks that will make them a creative force to be reckoned with” - The Wire 

“Members Alli Logout (vocals), Ruth Mascelli (synth and drum machine), Maria Elena (guitar), and Nathan Cassiani (bass), together manage to make their instruments and vocals sound like a fight for our existence.” - The Quietus 


  1. Disease 
  2. DISCO 
  3. (Fluid) Bound 2 
  4. ATC 
  5. Art Walk 
  6. Service 
  7. Black Silk Stalking 
  8. I’ll Never Do Ketamine Again 


  • Features new sleeve designed by Studio Tape Echo 
  • Includes 8-page risographed zine and sticker 
  • Housed in reverse-board jacket 
  • Contains download coupon 



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