Sparkle Division - To Feel Embraced


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A vibrant electronic fusion of lounge, jazz, and disco is maybe not the first (or fifth) thing you would expect to hear from one of the world’s most renowned modern composers and ambient tape loop pioneers, but upon first listen, it makes so much sense that one wonders why it didn’t happen sooner.

After years of producing and mentoring slews of young artists in 1990s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, William Basinski moved to Los Angeles. There he hired a young studio assistant, Preston Wendel, who eventually introduced his own works to the curious composer. That spawned a creative partnership that inspired Wendel to persuade Basinski to haul out his saxophone. Five years later, SPARKLE DIVISION has arrived with their enchanting debut album, To Feel Embraced.


  1. You Go Girl!
  2. You Ain't Takin' My Man
  3. For Gato
  4. Oh Henry!
  5. To the Stars Major Tom
  6. Oh No You Did Not!
  7. To Feel
  8. To Feel Embraced
  9. Slappin’ Yo Face
  10. Mmmmkayy I'm Goin' Out Now and I Don't Want Any Trouble From You!
  11. Queenie Got Her Blues
  12. Sparkle On Sad Sister Mother Queen
  13. No Exit




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