Sonic Youth - The Eternal


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The Eternal is the sixteenth and final studio album by Sonic Youth, originally released in 2009. 


"The songs on The Eternal are more conventionally rock-oriented than any in Sonic Youth’s career, yet the album doesn’t really sound like a departure. When the band wraps up with the nearly 10-minute 'Massage The History - a song as accessible as it is sprawling - it seems to be declaring that in spite of the avant-garde trappings, Sonic Youth is now and always will be a rock band at heart..." - Noel Murray, AV Club 



    1. Sacred Trickster 
    2. Anti-Orgasm 
    3. Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso) 
    4. Antenna 
    5. What We Know 
    6. Calming The Snake 
    7. Poison Arrow 
    8. Malibu Gas Station 
    9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn 
    10. No Way 
    11. Walkin Blue 
    12. Massage the History 



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