Sonic Youth - Sister


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Sister is the fifth studio album by Sonic Youth, originally released in 1987 on SST/Blast First, and now reissued on the band's own Goofin Records. 
At its core, Sister plays with the duality of appearances. 'Pacific Coast Highway' returns to the shadowy Los Angeles underworld of EVOL and Bad Moon Rising, evoking the naive trust of a girl thumbing a ride to Malibu. Chillingly, Kim Gordon takes on the voice of the predator who picks her up. The song shifts into a deceptive lull, a tranced-out California dream of an instrumental, which is then re-broken by a wave of feedback and the return of Gordon’s menacing refrain: “I won’t hurt you/As much as you hurt me.” 
On 'Schizophrenia,' the band also began to show more of the sophisticated pop-sensibilities and harmonics that were to become their trademark in the following years. 


"A rock album rooted in underground surreality offers a kind of twisted reassurance: How boring would it be if the world were simply as it appears on the surface? Sister is about 'the line between reality and dreaming - if there is any,' according to Ranaldo” - Rebecca Bengal, Pitchfork 
"There is no album in the entire corpus of indie rock - not Loveless, not Surfer Rosa, not Psychocandy - that reaches the heights of invention, joy, and magic... The haunted reveries of Sister remain with you for years, even if you only hear them once” - Stereogum 



  1. Schizophrenia 
  2. (I Got A) Catholic Block 
  3. Beauty Lies In The Eye 
  4. Stereo Sanctity 
  5. Pipeline/KillTime 
  6. Tuff Gnarl 
  7. Pacific Coast Highway 
  8. Hot Wire My Heart 
  9. Kotton Krown 
  10. White Kross 
  11. Master Dik (Non-Beatbox Version) * 
* Digital download only 


  • US import 
  • LP includes download coupon including bonus track 
  • Cassette housed in gold case with J-card 




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