NYC Ghosts & Flowers by Sonic Youth on Geffen Records

Sonic Youth - NYC Ghosts & Flowers


  • £19.99

Sonic Youth's thirteenth album, reissued on vinyl, originally released in 2000.

"'NYC Ghosts & Flowers' is Sonic Youth's thirteenth album, and yet manages to sound fresh and familiar at the same time -probably largely due to the theft of an extensive amount of their gear directly prior to the album's composition. It's also their shortest record in years, a fact that shouldn't be interpreted as lack of new ideas -- instead, Sonic Youth offer a fury of chaotic, melodic, and psychotic soundwaves that leave you wanting more."

  1. free city rhymes
  2. nevermind (what was it anyway)
  3. small flowers crack concrete
  4. streamxsonik subway
  5. side2side
  6. renegade princess
  7. nyc ghosts & flowers
  8. lightnin'

LP includes download card.


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