Sonic Youth - EVOL


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EVOL is an album full of suspense. Taken together with its follow-up, Sister, EVOL provides the cornerstone upon which the 'Sonic Youth sound' is built, due in part to the debut of drummer Steve Shelley, who would remain with the band permanently.

EVOL is ground zero for the combination of chiming guitars and atonal skronk, qualities mostly absent on the band's first EP and only hinted at on previous albums. It is on EVOL that Sonic Youth first happens upon the muggy delirium with which they would make with their name, launching a half million imitators in its wake.

"on EVOLthe pieces were still laid bare: bent glitter-pop here, macabre spoken-word there, gauzy instrumental noise, a persistent clatter, all with a reverby DIY iridescence that sounds buried in the ground. EVOL is “underground” as both form and aesthetic: deconstructed and raw, dim and boomy." Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork


  1. Green Light
  2. Star Power
  3. Secret Girl
  4. Tom Violence
  5. Death to Our Friends
  6. Shadow of a Doubt
  7. Marilyn Moore
  8. In the Kingdom #19
  9. Madonna, Sean and Me


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